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Image Source — https://software.intel.com/content/www/us/en/develop/tools/frameworks.html

These days most of the research level machine learning algorithms are coded to be run on CUDA enabled GPUs due to the clear advantage at processing the networks at greater speeds, especially when it comes to ‘Computer Vision’ problems. Before moving into coding and running the benchmarks using TensorFlow, we…

A non-deterministic continuous signal [Matlab representation of an audio clip] — (Image was created by the author)

“Visualization gives you answers to questions you didn’t know you had” — Ben Schneiderman

[ Please not that the first part of the article is focused on providing the basic background knowledge required to understand “what dithering is”. Those who have the adequate knowledge can skip Part — I. ]

[ Part — I ]

Data Representation

Image Source — https://bitsofunderstanding.wordpress.com/about/

In telecommunication the data is transmitted through different types of channels. These channels could be unreliable and noisy due to faulty transmission systems and lines. So the data (bits) transmitted over the computer network could get corrupted due to these network problems & interference. The resultant corrupted bit sequences lead…

Demon? From the Bible to the fantasy novels/movies, this creature can be seen frequently in literature and other types of art. Honestly I never thought I’d come across this mythical creature or even something similar, in the “world of science” until last month. …

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